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Hertfordshire Museum Development Receives Lottery Funding for 'Traditional Hertfordshire'

Tuesday 20 September 2016

Traditional Hertfordshire; a partnership project between Dacorum Heritage Trust, Hertfordshire Archives & Local Studies, Mill Green Museum and Mill, North-Hertfordshire Museum, Royston & District Museum and Art Gallery and Stevenage Museum, led by Hertfordshire’s Museums Development Service is delighted to announce its success in obtaining an ‘Our Heritage’ grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).

Hertfordshire has a unique cultural heritage, and thanks to National Lottery players this project will inspire and reinvigorate interest and knowledge to help recreate Hertfordshire’s sense of local identity by uncovering, examining and sharing the unique aspects of Hertfordshire’s traditional culture including folklore, legends, arts and crafts, music and myths.

Each organisation will interpret the theme differently depending on their collection and specific priorities, all engaging with local people and visitors to Hertfordshire.

  • Dacorum Heritage Trust will create a pop-up exhibition in a shop in Hemel Hempstead. The exhibition will share a legend/superstition from each of the four towns in the DHT collecting area (Kings Langley, Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Tring). This will include myths, stories of fairies and witchcraft and superstitions surrounding straw dollies. They will also be running a series of craft workshops.
  • Royston Museum will create an exhibition on local folklore They will also hold children’s storytelling sessions based on local legends and workshops on traditional crafts such as rag rugging and felt making.
  • Mill Green Museum & Mill will uncover the myths of milling from through the ages including local stories and folklore about the River Lea and broader milling myths and legends. They will also collect oral history from local millers and Mill Green Hamlet residents in order to record and share milling dialect and phrases, and the memories of milling. This will all be displayed in an exhibition. They will also start a Young Millers Club which will  engage young people with milling heritage and teach them new skills.
  • North-Herts Museum in Hitchin will research collections to uncover local folklore and legends such as the legend of the Alchemist of Lely. These stories will be told through an exhibition. They will also work with Hitchin Folk Music Society to revitalise traditional songs and rhymes by once again setting them to music and performing them at an evening event celebrating traditional culture.
  • Stevenage Museum will record and share the history of the Stevenage Charter Fair. They will collect oral histories and images at the 2016 Charter Fair. These will all be displayed alongside historic material in an exhibition at the museum. Alongside the exhibition will be a fantastic series of family-friendly events and a new schools workshop.
  • Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies will be working with AFRICOMEU, to record and share the traditions, ceremonies, rituals and beliefs surrounding life’s ‘turning points’ through oral history interviews and contemporary collecting. An exhibition and a book will be created which celebrates Hertfordshire’s diversity by considering traditions both old and new.

Further Information

For more information please contact the Hertfordshire Museums Development team: hertsmuseums@hertfordshire.gov.uk

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