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Hertfordshire Association of Museums Awards 2018

Thursday 22 November 2018

The historic surroundings of the North Hertfordshire Museum proved the perfect place to hold the first Hertfordshire Association of Museums Awards. The awards celebrated the very best projects and people involved with museums across the County with 10 museums entering for the chance to win a trophy.

The event was a great opportunity for staff, volunteers, local and county councillors and other stakeholders to network, discuss plans, projects, priorities and to celebrate their work.

The awards were given out by author Kate Griffin and Executive member for Education, Libraries and Localism Councillor Terry Douris. We were thrilled that both Terry and his deputy Tim Hutchings came along and offered their support to the museums in Hertfordshire.

Author Kate Griffin spoke to the audience about her Kitty Peck book series and the inspiration behind the dramatic Victorian crime series. She also spoke of her work for the Society of Preservation of Ancients Buildings and the value of heritage to local communities. It was great to hear her highlight the value of museums both to individuals and to wider society. She also compared  those working in museums to superheroes and ‘Guardians of the Past’, which thrilled the audience.

The awards were judged by 5 independent judges recruited from the national museums sector.  The winners were as follows:

  • Heritage Hero Award- Mrs. Yvonne Limbrick from British Schools Museum
  • Object of the Year- Charlie the Chimp from Watford Museums with over 65% of the public vote
  • Accessibility Award- British Schools Museum for their work on the Jill Grey book collection
  • Project of the Year- British Schools Museum- Herts at War
  • Transformation Award- Lowewood Museum for their work on creating a new reception, shop, café and meeting space in their grade II listed building
  • Object of the Year- Charlie the Chimp from Watford Museums with over 65% of the public vote

 Look out for the return of  the Hertfordshire Association of Museums Awards in 2019.

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